Work starts on the biodiversity shelter in Fort Pienc

Work is under way on the site of the former Casa Gay at C/ Marina, 122, to turn it into a public space. Parks and Gardens will also create a biodiversity shelter on the site, managed by the municipal institute and closed to the public, to help preserve the natural heritage and provide favourable conditions for various species to feed and nest in, including butterflies, pollinating insects, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Solar de la casa Gay, al Carrer Marina 122
24/10/2023 - 17:41 h - Urban planning and infrastructures Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new public space at C/ Marina, 122, in the Fort Pinec neighbourhood, will have 180 square metres of surface space, with new lighting, furniture and a parterre with trees. It will be created next to the biodiversity refuge, where access will be limited to help preserve the biodiversity in this vicinity. The new space is on the former site of the Casa Gay company, which was demolished this summer.

Casa Gay as a pioneer company in the city

The Casa Gay company is regarded as the oldest chair rental business in Barcelona. It was founded in 1860 and started its commercial activity by renting out the famous seats in Les Rambles. Yet it wasn’t until the year of the Barcelona Universal Expo in 1929 that the company would build this second warehouse at C/ Marina, 122, which was used until the 80s.

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