REACT 2022

Disseny DHUB

Where is Barcelona’s economic future heading?

What are the main challenges and big opportunities?

Barcelona City Council is to present the 2nd REACT Economic Reactivation Conference, a space where over sixty local, national and international experts and leaders will be reflecting on the roadmap for our city’s economic promotion once the pandemic is over and looking to the 2030 Agenda. The conference will be held at the Disseny Hub from March 30 to April 1.

REACT will be a face-to-face event open to city residents and all the players involved in Barcelona’s development.

The conference will be divided into three thematic areas: individuals, planet and progress.

The sessions at REACT will be analysing initiatives such as re-economising the city centre, promoting strategic sectors that are a source of quality jobs, from sports to culture, and fostering the local economy. There will also be an exchange of ideas on the crucial role played by innovation and science, the consolidation of the city as an economic pole of attraction and the value of creativity applied to industry. A look to the future that will need to take account of people, with pending duties such as ending the gender gap, and the planet, which will only have a future if it becomes green, decarbonised and sustainable.

Feature picture credits:
Unsplash / Ansar Naib

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