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Cinesa Heron City

Heron City (Pje. Andreu Nin, s/n)
902 33 32 31
Disabled people access
  • Keith Thomas + 94'

    A young girl tries to understand how she mysteriously gained the power to set things on fire with...

  • Rosalind Ross + 124'

    The true-life story of boxer-turned-priest, Father Stuart Long, whose journey from self...

  • Matti Geschonneck + 108'

    On January 20, 1942, high-ranking representatives of the German Nazi regime met in an idyllic...

  • Simon Curtis + 125'

    The residents of Downton Abbey go on a new adventure that takes them to a Spanish villa

  • Carla Simón + 120'

    For as long as they can remember, the Solé family has spent every summer picking the peaches in...

  • Robert Eggers + 136'

    Prince Amleth is on the verge of becoming a man when his father is brutally murdered by his uncle...

  • Jeff Fowler + 122'

    After settling in Green Hills, Sonic is eager to prove he has what it takes to be a true hero....

  • Aaron Nee + 112'

    Follows a reclusive romance novelist who was sure nothing could be worse than getting stuck on a...

  • Pierre Perifel + 100'

    When the infamous Bad Guys are finally caught after years of countless heists and being the world...

  • Sean Baker + 130'

    Finding himself down and out in Los Angeles, ex porn star Mikey Saber decides to crawl back to...

  • Sam Raimi + 126'

    Doctor Strange, with the help of mystical allies both old and new, traverses the mind-bending and...