Filmax Gran Via ACEC 3D

Centre Comercial Gran Via 2 (Avda. Gran Via, 75)
93 259 05 29
FGC: Idelfons-Cerdà
Disabled people access
  • Arantxa Echevarria + 91'

    Spain boils with tension, the country is totally polarized and social networks burn daily. The...

  • Simon Sandquist + 90'

    An exclusive private Halloween night at Liseberg quickly turns into a true nightmare

  • Todd Haynes + 117'

    Twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance gripped the nation, a married couple buckles...

  • Haruo Sotozaki + 110'

    A compilation film featuring the eleventh episode of the Swordsmith Village Arc and the first...

  • Matthew Vaughn + 139'

    The world's greatest spy, Argylle, gets caught up in a globe-trotting adventure

  • Huida Lin + 97'

    When an unknown object from space lands on Earth, Bramble gains new abilities and an...

  • S.J. Clarkson + 117'

    Spin-off de Spider-Man centrado en una mutante clarividente llamada Madame Web

  • Stanley Tsang, Joey Zou + 107'

    The film follows a young boy who sets out on a mission to try and track down his long lost parents

  • Peter Sohn + 101'

    Follows Ember and Wade, in a city where fire-, water-, land- and air-residents live together

  • Bryce McGuire + 98'

    Forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness, former baseball player Ray Waller moves...

  • Yorgos Lanthimos + 141'

    The incredible tale and fantastical evolution of Bella Baxter, a young woman brought back to life...

  • Sofia Coppola + 112'

    When teenage Priscilla Beaulieu meets Elvis Presley, the man who is already a meteoric rock-and...

  • Reinaldo Marcus Green + 104'

    Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley overcomes adversity to become the most famous reggae...

  • Sophie Roy + 88'

    A pair of rival butterflies form an unlikely friendship

  • Will Gluck + 103'

    After an amazing first date, Bea and Ben's fiery attraction turns ice-cold--until they find...

  • Wim Wenders + 124'

    A janitor in Japan drives between jobs listening to rock music

  • Benjamin Renner, Guylo Homsy + 92'

    After a migrating duck family alights on their pond with thrilling tales of far-flung places, the...

  • James Wan + 124'

    Aquaman balances his duties as king and as a member of the Justice League, all while planning a...

  • Michael Mann + 130'

    A biopic of automotive mogul Enzo Ferrari, whose family redefined the idea of the high-powered...

  • Paul King + 112'

    Willy Wonka, chock-full of ideas and determined to change the world one delectable bite at a time...