BCNegra 2014

The ninth edition of the Barcelona detective fiction festival has programmed more than sixty free activities and streaming for the participation of writer Andrea Camilleri inclusive, between the 30th of January and the 8th of February

From the 30th of January to the 8th of February, Barcelona will play host to the ninth edition of BCNegra, a multidisciplinary festival focussing on detective fiction novels which this year has programmed more than sixty free activities including round table debates and discussions, readers’ clubs, exhibitions, book swaps, meetings with authors and a series of film noir screenings.

The majority of the activities will take place in La Capella, though the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Col·legi d'Arquitectes, the Col·legi de Periodistes, the Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna and a number of libraries will also be hosting events that include the participation of more than fifty hard-boiled-detective-fiction authors and specialists from all over Europe.

One of the highlights among the many events will be the presentation of the 9th Pepe Carvalho Award to Sicilian author Andrea Camilleri, creator of the saga featuring commissioner Montalvano and one of the most authentic representatives of Mediterranean detective fiction. The ceremony will take place in the Saló de Cent in the Barcelona City Hall on the 6th of February.

Camilleri will also feature in two further activities from this year’s programme. On the one hand he will be the subject of a theatrical tribute entitled Sis personatges en cerca de Camilleri (Six Characters in search of Camilleri) with actor Jordi Boixaderas as commissioner Montalvano and, on the other, the author himself will take part in a discussion on the 7th of February in the Barts.

The programmed conferences and debates will approach such diverse subjects as Vatican intrigues, corruption, crime journalism, the methods used by detectives, art and falsifications, urban development and its relationship to crime and macho violence, among others. The Debutants, or First-timers Table for authors who have published their first detective fiction novel and a conference dealing with the future prospects for this literary genre are two further eagerly-awaited events.

The programme also includes exhibitions and concerts. One of the highlighted exhibitions can be seen in the Arús Public Library, where the exhibition entitled Elementally Wicked deals with some of the female characters in the novels of the legendary detective created by Arhtur Conan Doyle. Regarding music, the Barcelona Big Blues Band & Dani Nel·lo will be performing in the Jamboree on the 2nd of February. For the first time there will also be a series of film noir and police drama screenings which will include The Eye of the Storm, The Hidden Child and the mini-series The Serbian Dane.

Publication date: Thursday, 30 January 2014
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