The Culturopolis days are opening two calls for applications on Cultural Rights

The selected ones will be presented at an academic congress and at a series of sessions about best practices.

The Cultropolis — an international event to reflect and debate on Cultural Rights, to think about how they are defined, and to imagine and find mechanisms to guarantee them — will take place from 16 to 19 November. It has been co-organised by the Barcelona City Council and Culture Action Europe, with the collaboration of UCLG-United Cities and Local Governments. The event was presented to the sector on 30 May, as there are two open calls: one for projects managed by Culture Action Europe, from which 30 projects, both national and international, will be selected to participate in a presentation of good practices; and the second call, to participate in an academic congress, is a call for papers for research linked to Cultural Rights, both from the academic sphere and from groups and entities that carry out research.

You can apply to the call for good practice projects if you have an initiative that addresses diversity, intersectionality, decolonisation or democratisation that creates a dialogue with diverse communities, sectors or movements, or that focuses on the intersection of culture and environmental, social and economic sustainability or cultural work. You can also apply if it is a reflection on access to technologies, digital rights and participation. The initiative aims to bring together different perspectives from art, heritage, human rights, research, politics and activism and to connect local and international projects to create an open space for networking and peer learning. The selected results will be communicated in mid-September, and the chosen projects will have full access to the programme and participation in the workshops. The works can be presented in different ways and will be included in the conference.

As far as the congress is concerned, it aims to facilitate the meeting of all types of agents researching the subject of Cultural Rights and, above all, the exchange and transfer of knowledge with society. They will encourage spaces for collaboration between research and action, for the presentation of research, and projects in different modalities. It wants to find answers to questions such as whether Cultural Rights are necessary or what public and cultural problems and conflicts call for and justify their deployment. The call is addressed to individuals and groups researching Cultural Rights, both in the academic field (universities, research centres, etc.) and in community and private organisations and entities (associations, cooperatives, foundations, etc.). The aim is for the conference to be a plural and diverse space in terms of the type of agents and research methodologies. Those interested should send their proposals in abstract/resume format with a maximum of 300 words using the form on the website. Ongoing or previously developed research can be submitted on one of these four axes: participation and cultural work; diversities; communities; and digital rights.

The deadline for submitting proposals for the two calls is 15 July. You will find further information at this link.

Publication date: Monday, 30 May 2022
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