A collage combining a smiling Marilyn and an Elvis Presley playing the guitar

Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe at their most intimate

They are characters that are part of the imagination of anyone born in this hemisphere of the planet and that we have seen photographed a thousand and one times. Now, however, two sets of photographs, those that make up the exhibitions "Becoming Marilyn" and "Becoming Elvis", show us the most intimate aspects and the process of the rise to fame of both characters. You can see them until 24 March.

The exhibition is therefore a double exhibition made up of images from the MUUS Collection, a North American collection of 20th century photography that is one of the most renowned on the planet. Fotonostrum, a space on Carrer de Rocafort that was created by a group of artists dedicated to photography and whose mission is to increase knowledge of this art form, with exhibitions organised in a two-storey space covering 850 square metres.

There you can see these days images by André de Dienes and Alfred Wertheimer. The first is a photographer born in Transylvania who became especially famous for his portraits of Marilyn, especially one in which she appeared nude. The second, a photographer who was hired in his early twenties to take photographs of Elvis, who at that time was a little-known artist and who at that very moment was beginning to be heard all over the United States. Both photographers now show us in pictures the trajectory of two idols of the 20th century. There are fifty-one photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken between 1945 and 1953, and also about a hundred more that show what Elvis Presley looked like in 1956.

They are images that show us little-known and more intimate aspects of both artists and that speak, at the same time, of the impact they have had on our civilisation.

If you want to see a new aspect of two great masters of the past century, don't miss the exhibitions "Becoming Marilyn" and "Becoming Elvis", but first check the information on the Fotonostrum website.


Publication date: Monday, 19 February 2024
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