The campaign’s design represents an empty theatre floor.

Everyone to the theatre!

The Cap butaca buida campaign proposes to fill one hundred per cent of the stage venues. Do you already have a ticket for Saturday, 16th March?

The play, the genre or the specific location of the stage depend only on where you live and your tastes and preferences.  The question is whether you have bought a ticket to go to see a play, a musical, a dance performance or any other performing arts event on 16 March, when actors, actresses, directors, companies and audiences have set themselves a collective challenge: to ensure that, at least once, in Catalonia in general and in Barcelona in particular, not a single seat is left empty.

This is a truly innovative challenge. This has never been tried before, which is why it is so important that everyone should be aware of it, that even if they don't like the performing arts, they should get involved in the proposal... and that they should also convince some friends who perhaps without their drive and company wouldn't dare to join the festival. In Barcelona alone, around 30,500 seats have so far joined the initiative.

It will be a tribute to the performing arts with a single, great protagonist: a public that bets for one day and in a coordinated way on theatre, dance or circus in a day that, if it goes well, will make history.

Go to the campaign website and there you will find the triage by area, by genre (comedy, drama, musical, dance or circus), or by affinities. Do you prefer a classic or a safe bet or maybe you would like to try an innovative or daring proposal? Are you thinking of coming with the rogue? Are you a fan of monologues?

You can see that there are proposals of all sizes and colours, as the line-up is extensive and everyone is involved in a campaign in which you yourselves are the protagonists. If you want to know more, choose your show or buy your tickets now, check the Cap butaca buida website. Cap butaca buida.

Publication date: Friday, 16 February 2024
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