A scene from Jungle Book Reimagined

The choreographer Akram Khan reinterprets the great classic by Rudyard Kipling

Brings to the Liceu Jungle Book Reimagined, a production that aims to reflect on climate change.

"We are now living in unprecedented and uncertain times; not just for our species, but for all species on this planet. And the root of this situation is because we have forgotten our connection to our home, our planet. We all inhabit it, we all profit from it, and we all build from it, but we have forgotten to return our respect to it". These are the words of the choreographer and dancer Akram Khan about the reasons that have led him to create a show based on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, a proposal that aims to make the public reflect, especially with regard to climate change, and which will be staged at the Gran Teatre del Liceu from 25 to 30 January. It is called Jungle Book Reimagined, Akram Khan is its director and choreographer, the text is by Tariq Jordan and the music is by Jocelyn Pook.

The Bangladeshi-born English dancer and choreographer and his company reinterpret the well-known story starring Mowgli and do so through the eyes of a child of today, and more specifically a refugee trapped in a world devastated by the impact of climate change. This new Mowgli will help us hear again, not our voices, but the voices of the natural world that we, the modern world, try to silence. Jungle Book Reimagined speaks to all generations as a step to remember, relearn and reimagine a new world together. A show performed by ten dancers and with an important presence of projections.

You will find more information and tickets in this link.

Publication date: Wednesday, 18 January 2023
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