An image of the interior of an abandoned building in Ciudad Juárez in Mayra Martell's creation

Loop Festival': Moving Images Take Over the City

A new edition of a major event in video art, including exhibitions, a professional fair, and various activities.

Since its inception in 2003, moving images have been at the heart of Loop, a platform that organises an annual meeting with video art and is currently back in Barcelona. You can explore the public-facing proposals from November 14th to 24th.

It's the Loop Festival, which constitutes the most visible and open aspect of Loop Barcelona, which, comprises this festival, a fair for professionals known as Feria Loop (from November 21st to 23rd), and a program of talks and professional meetings known as Loop Studies.

Exhibitions, screenings, and performances throughout the city are part of a festival that aims to highlight the importance of this artistic discipline, promote it in art markets, and bring it closer to the public. You'll encounter creations from artists participating in the Loop Festival at La Capella, Convent de Sant Agustí, Centre Cívic Sant Andreu, Fundació Vila Casas, Centre Cívic Casa Elizalde, Museo Picasso, Fundació Miró, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, and even the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, among many other spaces.

Check the list and plan a route to explore interesting proposals such as Taiwanese artist Che-Yu Hsu, discussing horror, beauty, and taxidermy in Zoo Hypothesis (2023); Mexican photographer Mayra Martell, documenting in video The Act of Missing (in the image. Photo courtesy of Mayra Martell) 172 cases of missing women (172!) in Ciudad Juárez; video creator Mabel Palacín and the fragmented images of Homeland; Aura Satz and the proposal Attuning, at the Museo de la Música, or the already legendary creations of José Val de Omar in the program Beyond the Visual Realm, at the Museo Frederic Marès.

There are many more proposals and screenings in spaces such as Casa América Catalunya, Cines Girona, or Cines Zumzeig, among other venues. Additionally, Barcelona galleries and other art spaces are hosting a series of video art screenings that you can watch by following a route. These are the proposals of the City Screen program, in which participants range from ADN Galería to Chez Xefo in Poblenou or Galería Mayoral.

If you want to see moving art, take advantage of the proposals of Loop Barcelona. Before coming, however, check the complete schedule of this celebration of video creation on the website.


Publication date: Monday, 13 November 2023
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