A still image from 'Voyage en Icarie' by the artist Domènec, a video that can be seen at the Museum of History of Catalonia

The 16th edition of LOOP, the videoart festival of Barcelona

Forty-two galleries from around the world will be taking part in an edition with even stronger links to dance, performance and music.

The inauguration on 12 November of the exhibition Produce, produce, produce(d) at the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona will mark the official start of the 16th edition of the LOOP festival, an event devoted to  films and videos made by artists. Until 22 November, the festival will focus on the current state of art videos and film and analyse the impact of technology on the perception and formation of the individual and the intersections of video art with other artistic languages ​​such as dance, performance and music.

The programme of activities for the LOOP festival is extensive but below you will find a number of proposals. Screening Performances is a project by Núria Gómez Gabriel with Isaki Lacuesta, David G. Torres and Marc Caellas at La Seca-Espai Brossa in which cinema and performance work together to address two significant moments in anti-culture, 1980s New York punk featuring the work of David G. Torres and Marc Caellas, and the Trap scene with Isaki Lacuesta. Mercat de les Flors and Arts Santa Mònica will host a retrospective, curated by Imma Prieto, on the work of Núria Font, whose work was key to the intersection of video and dance. Coinciding with the Merce Cunningham centennial celebrations, a selection of her videos will be presented at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, in an exhibition curated by Xavier Acarín and Trevor Carlson that covers over 40 years of work by the American choreographer. The artists Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen will offer a performance at Macba that explores the relationship between the body and the multiple screens around us in a program curated by Marta Ramos Yzquierdo. And, at the Miró Foundation, Fito Conesa will present a piece that investigates the Ruta del Bacalao. Meanwhile, history is present in the piece that the artist Domènec will exhibit at the Museum of History of Catalonia. His video Voyage to Icaria, which depicts an intervention in Figueres in homage to the utopian socialism of the Icarians.

From the 20th to the 22nd of November, Hotel Almanac will be the venue for the LOOP Fair, where you will be able to see creations contributed by more than 40 galleries. And, on the same dates, LOOP Talks will present agents and major names in the world of art, who will discuss the current state of video art.

Additional information is available at the following link.

Publication date: Tuesday, 06 November 2018
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