Photograph of a sculpture by Subirachs in the foreground, with the rest of the exhibition visible in the background.

Rediscovering the Universe of Subirachs

Cases Singulars organises guided tours to explore another dimension of the sculptor at Espai Subirachs.

If you stroll through the streets of Barcelona, you will likely come across the works of Josep Maria Subirachs, such as the monument dedicated to Francesc Macià in Plaza Catalunya, as well as his sculptural contributions to the façade of the Sagrada Familia. These monumental works are not confined to the city alone; they can be found throughout Catalonia and the world, earning him recognition and solidifying his prestige.

However, Subirachs also created pieces on a human scale, in small and medium formats, revealing another dimension compared to his public space sculptures. You can find them at Espai Subirachs, and through the guided tours organized by Cases Singulars, you will have the opportunity to explore the iconographic, personal, and unmistakable world of one of the prominent figures in Catalan art from the second half of the 20th century.

Espai Subirachs showcases a part of the legacy of Josep Maria Subirachs (Barcelona, 1927-2014) in the heart of Poblenou. Inaugurated in 2017, near the house where the artist was born, the space provides a chronological immersion that allows you to understand the prolific and extensive career of the sculptor fully. The journey begins in the room dedicated to Subirachs' connection with the neighbourhood, as well as works from his early stages, influenced by Noucentisme and later by expressionism. Next, you will explore a set of works where he abandons figuration to delve into the world of abstraction, though later opting for a new figuration full of symbolic references. Finally, Subirachs refines the old signs with a metaphorical language and creates sculptures with architectural aspirations.

Moreover, the guided tour will be led by Judit Subirachs, director of Espai Subirachs, a PhD in Art History from the University of Barcelona, and the daughter of the artist. Visitors will also receive a gift of a reproduction of an original drawing by Subirachs.

If you want to discover this lesser-known aspect of the artist that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of his work, do not hesitate to participate in the guided tour of Espai Subirachs. The tours occur on December 2, January 27 and 31, and February 14 and 28, all at 11 AM. The general admission price is €16, and if you wish to purchase tickets, you can do so on the Cases Singulars website.


Publication date: Thursday, 30 November 2023
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