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Spy’s Night at CaixaForum

A concert of soundtracks, an escape room, microtalks and many more activities. Stay discreet.

You already know that CaixaForum has devoted an exhibition in recent months to analysing the relationship between cinema and espionage (Top secret; until 17 March). If you've already been there and liked it, they have more to offer: a whole night dedicated to spies, including music and many other surprises and activities. On 1 March, it's Top Secret Night on Montjuïc.

Come, incognito if you prefer, and at this art centre you'll find a programme designed by Carlos Zanón, one of the city's best-known and best-loved crime novelists, who is also the commissioner of the BCNegra festival, the last edition of which was held from the 5th to the 11th of this month.

Here you can do almost anything, starting with seeing the exhibition free of charge (from 7 to 10.30 pm) or... reading for a while. You'll find a space with crime novels & spies specially selected for you by Carlos Zanón. Do you prefer a comic? Well, take a look at the selection that Zanón's collaborator and comic expert Mery Cuesta has made for you.

But maybe you prefer music. At 7pm and 8pm, you will find jazz, swing, blues, funk and bossa nova performances by Laura Fisas Co, a group made up of Laura Fisas' voice, Neter Calafati's guitar and Juan Carlos Buchan's double bass. If you haven't had enough, wait until 10 p.m. (ticket: 15 €) and enjoy the quintet of musicians that make up Spanish Brass, a group that won the National Music Award 2020. Carlos Benetó Grau and Juanjo Serna Salvador, on trumpet; Manuel Pérez Ortega, on horn; Indalecio Bonet Manrique; on trombone and Sergio Finca Quirós, on tuba, will offer you a trio of music related to the world of cinema and espionage. Here you will listen to music that will make you think of both Hitchcock and James Bond.

Remember that, if you get hungry, there is a gastronomic selection of tapas inspired by the world of espionage (from 19:00 h) and that at 19.30, 19.45 and 20. 40 h, there will be three micro talks of ten minutes each in which the writer Laura Ferrero, the journalist Juan Carlos Galindo and the writer Noel Ceballos will talk to us about different aspects of the life of the espies and of the espies.

Among the most suggestive proposals, an escape room set among the spies. Dr. Maelstrom has imagined an evil plan and only you will be able to catch her... if you manage to get out of the room where you are (registration required).  Or also, if you know all about spies and you like answering questions, a Spy Quiz that starts at 9 pm.

All activities are free, except for the Spanish Brass concert. Remember that to participate in the escape room it is essential to make a reservation, and there are only a few places left.

If you want to spend a night surrounded by the excitement, come to CaixaForum, but first check their website for all the information about the Top Secret Night.


Publication date: Monday, 26 February 2024
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