Photo of a Luke Fowler’s film with Margaret Tait on it.

Xcentric, another type of cinema

Once again, the CCCB's regular film programme is back and ends on 29 February. 

Do you want to discover unique languages on the audiovisual scene? Then you have a date with Xcentric, the film series created in 2001 with which you can enjoy experimental and avant-garde films. This year, the programme opens on 18 January and, whether you are film enthusiasts or curious spectators, you have an appointment at the auditorium of the CCCB.

Xcentric was founded with the aim of creating a stable cycle of screenings; currently, there are screenings in winter and spring, as well as activities throughout the year. Moreover, it is a meeting place for audiences, filmmakers and scholars to enjoy visionary cinema. Over the years, the contents have broadened in genres and themes, but always with the aim of showing works of personal creation, experimentation, without limitations of period, format, duration or genre. 

Also, during these years, pedagogical, theoretical and practical activities have been added, as well as meetings with filmmakers and specialists, publications, travelling programmes and own productions, in addition to the Xcentric Archive.

What can you see in the coming days? On 1 February a session in tribute to filmmakers Vincent Grenier and Michael Snow awaits you. Four of Grenier's first films will be screened: X, 1976; Intérieur Interiors (to A.K.), 1978; Closer Outside, 1981; and World in Focus, 1976. As for Snow, you can see the road movie Seated Figures, 1988. 

On 4 February, a group of recent films will be screened that reflect on the conception and interaction of images in the present day; from their impact on everyday life, landscape and nature. The works are by directors Anna Hawkins, Tony Balko, Britany Gunderson, Leonardo Pirondi, Josh Weissbach, Adrian Cousins and Scott Fitzpatrick.

Then, on 8 February, we will explore the influence and revisit the cinema of Margaret Tait, which, based on 16 mm filming, is carried out by filmmakers such as Ute Aurand, Peter Todd and Luke Fowler. 

You will enter the world of Maya Deren, who explores a new cinematic form to create a cinema-ritual based on her most important works, on 11 February. Later, on 22 February, you will be able to immerse yourself in a session dedicated to Hollis Frampton, which attempts to answer the question of whether cinema is an invention without a future.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to see films from the first stage of the Colectivo Cine Mujer (1975-1986), a pioneering group of women filmmakers in Mexico. This collective grew out of the militancy of its members in popular, student and workers' movements, as well as from the experience of the feminist movement of the second wave. Their film productions show a cinema of research, questioning and political agitation, as part of the struggle for women's liberation in Latin America.

If you want to enjoy a cinema that is difficult to see in the more conventional circuits, take the opportunity to enjoy the films offered by the Xcentric programme. The timetable of the sessions varies according to the screenings and the general ticket price is 4 €. If you want to buy it, you can do it from the CCCB website.

Publication date: Monday, 29 January 2024
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