THERAPIST: It’s been a while since your last visit! BARCELONA: Oh, it’s because I’ve been having a great time, everyone’s been so nice. Everywhere I went I was like the carnival queen. It was like those abstract painters that nobody

A la dreta, Jaume Balmes, aquarel•la de Francesc Fonollosa realitzada a partir d’un oli de Pere Borrell.

It is not polite to air a lady’s distress, so I will spare you the details of the night that Catalan philosophy went to A&E suffering from a panic attack. Nevertheless, given that it is a matter of national interest,

Concert inaugural del Palau de la Música Catalana, el 9 de febrer de 1908.

A music-lover for life

Jaume Radigales

It took a while for melodies from distant lands to reach my shores. The Italians were the first to give me the gift of opera, initially at the Palau Reial and then at the Teatre de la Santa Creu. The

–I would ask you to tell me the whole story right from the start, but you’ve forewarned me that there’s a money issue, and I charge by the hour. –That’s right. I don’t have deep pockets. As a city, I

Imatge de l'exposició bibliogràfica catalana organitzada al Palau de les Belles Arts de Barcelona amb motiu del Primer Congrés Internacional de la Llengua Catalana, que va tenir lloc del 13 al 18 d’octubre de 1906.

–Lovely enchantress, here we are again. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like to sit on the chair or the couch? You’re panting, your tongue’s hanging out. –My tongue… yes. They say I’m a multilingual city. –Multilingual? Saying you’re a multilingual