The activity programme of Fabra i Coats: Centre d’Art Contemporani is a key feature of the institution’s project. Proposals are developed that are focused on initiation and familiarisation with the multiple facets of art, including research, study and specialised training, while focusing on a diverse set of publics. The goal is to raise interest amongst various interest groups and solidify user fidelity, as well as to delve more deeply into the social knowledge of culture. A full programme is available.

One of its unique features is the programme for La Trama: Culture, Education and Territory, which by means of mid-to-long-term proposals sets the centre’s exhibitions and initiatives into dialogue with educational communities, collectives and entities in the network of non-profit and community organisations in adjacent neighbourhoods.

We also offer a full visits programme. On the one hand, regular visits are prepared for current exhibitions, some carried out by our gallery personnel and others with the artist/s or curator/s. On the other hand, specific groups have the possibility of requesting separate visits be programmed, with enquires to be directed for assessment by email to: