SEMINAR // Cohabiting Beauty

Seminar led by Oriol Fontdevila
28 September, 2021 - 17:00 to 30 September, 2021 - 20:00

Free activity. Requires prior registration in:

Understanding the current potential of beauty involves understanding it as part of the object rather than the gaze of the subject. This seminar will explore different perspectives on how beauty is today involved in artistic projects that seek to influence social contexts and achieve political relevance. It will also speculate on ways to understand beauty that go beyond its aesthetic moment.

Seminar structured into three sessions, always at 5 pm:
Unavowable Beauty. 28/9. With Núria Güell and Patrícia Esquivias.
Intentional Beauty. 29/9. With Amica Dall (Assemble) and Julia Ramírez-Blanco.
Post-Aesthetic Beauty. 30/9. With Javier Peñafiel and Rita Rakosnik.