A new care annexe for the health centre in Passeig de Sant Joan

The new provisional unit has been installed while the new Fort Pienc primary healthcare centre (CAP) is built on a municipal plot of land in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, on the corner with C/ Nàpols. The care module has nine consulting rooms, which combined with the 19 at the CAP bring the total at the centre to 28.

15/03/2021 18:17 h

Districte Eixample

The new building came into service on Monday, 15 March, and will provide additional care capacity at the primary healthcare centre in Passeig de Sant Joan, in the Fort Pienc neighbourhood. The unit is located in the inner quadrangle at C/ Ali Bei 18, and has 317 square metres of floor space. The module is equipped and ready to attend to Covid emergencies and specialised consultations.

The unit has two floors and nine consulting rooms, which on top of the 19 at the CAP bring the total number of primary care rooms to 28 for this part of the Eixample district. Both floors have consulting rooms for specialists, an office, storage space and two waiting rooms. The cost of building, installing and equipping the new care module was 79,500 euros.

The CAP Passeig de Sant Joan is managed by the Catalan Health Institute and has a population of 30,000 people assigned to it. Its range of services include family medicine, paediatrics, sexual and reproductive health, nursing, dental treatment, social work and specialised care. It also manages two homes for the elderly.

Definitive location for the CAP Fort Pienc

The final location for the CAP Fort Pienc will be the municipal plot at the junction between C/ Nàpols and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. The site is where a new housing block is to be built by the Municipal Housing Institute (IMHAB), which will have eighty assisted homes on the upper floors. The City Council will grant the Catalan Health Service the use of 2,600 square metres of floor space on the ground floor and the first floor of the building, where the new CAP is to be built.

The centre will have 41 consulting rooms, emergency treatment rooms, blood testing booths and rooms for groups and health education, as well as communal spaces, areas for staff and a facilities area.

The future CAP Fort Pienc will help ease the saturation at the CAP Passeig de Sant Joan, which took on the patients and professionals from the CAP Carles I when it closed in March last year.

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