A new Passeig de la Mar Bella: reorganised, greener and adapted to climate change

The project to remodel the central section between the Mar Bella sports centre and C/ Josep Pla has been approved at the commission stage. The goal is to facilitate access and fill the street with community life, as well as to protect the coast against the effects of climate change.

19/09/2023 18:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The transformation of Passeig de la Mar Bella will add dignity to the final section of the Barcelona coast still to be reconditioned and unite the neighbourhoods with the Besòs area.

The project starts with the central section, which will include:

  • A pedestrian avenue at least 12 metres wide.
  • A bike lane four metres wide.
  • 15,000 square metres of new greenery, with a thousand trees, parterres and bushes.
  • Leisure spaces, children’s play areas, sports areas in the avenue, separated from the beach, to improve organisation and avoid saturation.
  • The bridges of Bac de Roda, Selva de Mar and Josep Pla will be the main access points to the street from the city.

Work in the central section is due to get under way in 2024. In parallel, work continues to draft the final projects for the other two areas: at the municipal football ground and the sea deck. Over 44 million euros will be invested in the area overall.


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