A strategy to boost the city’s reputation and international position

The government measure on the international strategy and economic promotion of Barcelona also seeks to promote strategic economic sectors for attracting investment, improving inter-continental air routes and drawing international talent.

18/03/2022 13:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With a budget of 7.5 million euros, the measure comes under the Barcelona Green Deal roadmap and is based around values such environmental sustainability, inclusion, social justice, diversity in production and competitiveness. The Green Deal is the city’s economic agenda with a view to 2030, identifying priority sectors for achieving a new city model which is fairer, more equal and more competitive.

Six areas of action and numerous initiatives planned or under way

The six areas of action in the plan are:

  • Reputation, global position and brand. Publicity and international positioning campaigns, with other measures to include the creation of a web platform and a travelling interactive installation to be taken to the main global destinations. Analytical tools will also be created for gauging and managing the brand.
  • Promotion of economic diplomacy for attracting investment. Work here will help attract congresses and trade fairs, facilitate new economic activities and attract new international talent. Business missions and promotion initiatives in priority markets abroad are also planned to support local businesses expanding internationally.
  • Inter-continental air connections. The Committee for the Development of Air Routes will roll out a new strategic plan based on recovering high impact connectivity, with thirteen destinations in key areas in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, focusing on regaining pre-pandemic connectivity.
  • International economic promotion by sector. The international economic agenda is focused on strategic sectors such as digital tech. This includes the continuity of the Mobile World Congress beyond 2024, urban projects, logistics, science and innovation, the creative industries and design.
  • International talent. The arrival of highly skilled people, with extensive training and abilities, along with the shortage of those with certain profiles, will be addressed through various initiatives: the 360-degree circle, which includes attracting, welcoming, facilitating and creating loyalty among foreign talent; Barcelona Digital Talent, promoting talent in this sphere; the International Welcome Desk, with various resources for those arriving in the city, and Barcelona International Community Day, an event bringing together the city’s ex-pat ecosystem.
  • Management of projects with an international impact and foreign investment. The public-private investment agency Barcelona & Partners has been set up for the city to remain attractive for foreign investors, while collaboration with Barcelona Regional involves major projects such as the reindustrialisation of the Besòs and the Zona Franca. Another new tool will be the Oficina 22@, covering municipal urban planning and economic promotion in this area.


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