Accessible children’s games make their debut at Jardins de Montserrat Roig

The winning Participatory Budgeting projects continue to be realised. The Eixample district is starting to renovate the children’s games area at the Jardins de Montserrat Roig, located inside the block between C/ Provença and C/ Rosselló, to make them accessible to everyone.

14/10/2023 10:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Improvements to the children’s games area will involve the removal of architectural barriers, to provide a space with unique inclusive features accessible to all children. In addition, a new rubber paving will be put in place. The renovation work will start on Tuesday, 17 October and is expected to last three and a half months.

Participatory budgeting is turning citizen projects into a reality

The renovation of the children’s games space at the Jardins de Montserrat Roig is the result of one of the winning Participatory Budgeting projects in Eixample. The citizen proposal was presented as Let’s make parks more accessible for all children, with the promoters calling for a renovation of Barcelona’s parks to ensure inclusive spaces where all children, without exception, can play and learn together.

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