Action plan to regain Pou de la Figuera for the local neighbourhood

A municipal action plan has now been designed for the Pou de la Figuera, the goal being to regain the space for use by local people and improve the daily life of the square. The district of Ciutat Vella is to invest 650,000 euros on a programme of improvements with seventeen measures to be implemented between now and 2023 as the result of joint work between citizens, local citizens, organisations and services.

12/06/2021 10:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Work will mainly centre on the streets of Sant Pere Més Baix, Mestres Casals i Martorell, Carders and Llàstics, with the public space of Pou de la Figuera as the epicentre.

The use of the square in recent years has been identified as excluding some local people. There has also been a certain level of wear and tear on physical elements in the square, where various improvements and maintenance are required.

The goal of the plan is to promote a sense of belonging, boost ties with local people in the square, diversify uses from the perspectives of gender, interculturality, functional diversity and life cycle, and to generate new opportunities for the most vulnerable collectives.

The plan is organised into four main areas of work:

  • Socio-economic activity: promotion of training and occupational paths for young people, support for existing economic activity and the facilitation and diversification of commerce through initiatives such as the one for officially protected ground floor business premises.
  • Activities and uses of public space: fairs will be organised for local commerce in the area, with cooperative consumption baskets to be distributed. There will also be a stable programme of community, leisure and sports activities in the square, adopting the perspectives of inclusion and diversity.
  • Improvements to physical space: work will follow a series of needs detected in the participatory process so that the space offers a healthy, safe and comfortable place for citizen use.
  • Communication and community networks: an autonomous communication and community network will be set up, giving visibility to a diverse array of actions in the local area.

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