‘Adopt an invisible pet’ in summer too

The Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB) has 140 dogs and 125 cats waiting for a family to give them a second chance at any time of the year. The centre does not close in the summer and continues to seek homes for its animals, many of which have been there for a long time due to their age, chronic illness or nobody taking an interest in them. These animals are the focus of the social media campaign ‘Adopt an invisible pet’, which is aimed at responsible adoption and finding a family for animals that have spent a long spell at the shelter. The campaign profiles these animals on social media.

20/08/2021 12:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Capi, Kiko, Kimera and Dumbo are just some of those seeking a family this summer, but there are plenty of others, which can be found using the search for animals up for adoption at the CAACB.

Animals are not toys but living beings which need care and affection throughout their lives. They therefore need owners who will look after their needs and take care of them for their whole life.

Adoption is a highly gratifying act of responsibility, solidarity and humanity for both the person adopting and the animal adopted. The goal is to provide a suitable home for abandoned animals, but people adopting should be aware that living beings which enter a home need to receive care and affection. Because of this, before adopting, it is important for those considering adoption to think responsibly about which pet to choose, taking into account the type of animal, its size, age and sex. The CAACB actively promotes the adoption of animals in its care