Agreement to improve care for pets belonging to the homeless

The new agreement with the Vets’ Association will help improve the well-being of homeless people and their pets alike. Every year, some sixty animals belonging to homeless people will receive help to identify them, vaccinate them, sterilise them, carry out medical checks and handle veterinary emergencies. Social services teams providing support for the homeless are currently aware of 46 dogs and 43 owners in this situation.

17/06/2022 14:16 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The agreement between Barcelona City Council and the Vets’ Association will complement the work done by the City Council since 2018 to condition municipal facilities so that animals belonging to the homeless can be with them there. Examples include the Zona Franca Initial reception Centre (CPA) and the APROP provisional housing units. Municipal buildings currently provide accommodation for thirteen dogs and four cats and their owners.

Since 2016, municipal services and the Foundation for Advice and Action in the Defence of Animals (FAADA) have guaranteed care for homeless people’s pets, and the idea now is to go further and provide better and personalised care for this collective.



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