Subsidies of up to 3,000 euros for new self-employed workers

The Activa Autòno+ helps cover costs during the first year of activity, such as social security contributions, tax, admin and management, rent and energy consumption. The application period is open until 5 September 2023.

06/07/2023 11:53 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Applicants must meet the following requisites to request the subsidy:

  • Self-employed or a member of a cooperative engaging in activity from 1st October 2021 or later.
  • Unemployed before starting the activity.
  • Registered resident in Barcelona and later registered for tax purposes in the city.
  • Up to date with all tax obligations.

The Activa Autòno+ is one of the subsidies offered by Barcelona Activa to fund business projects and support new contracts.


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