Alert stage of the cold weather operation deactivated

Activated on Saturday, 21 January, the alert stage of the cold weather operation has now been deactivated given the improvement in the weather forecast for the coming days. The operation helped 295 different people get access to accommodation, providing 1,194 overnight stays in all. Nobody missed out through a shortage of available places.

26/01/2023 16:35 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

During the alert stage, 262 places were offered at the Emergency Shelter (CAE), the Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB) and in places at the municipal centre in Pg. Dos de Maig. Besides overnight accommodation, these spaces offer hygiene services, food and lockers. Over the five nights, nobody was turned away through a shortage of places.

Teams particularly turned their efforts towards homeless people sleeping rough, offering them the chance to voluntarily use the facilities open all year for this group and consisting of more than 2,800 places between municipal resources and the thirty facilities making up the Homeless Support Network (XAPSLL). On Tuesday night the operation attended to 261 people; on Monday night 254; on Sunday 225 and on Saturday 192.

The alert stage of the cold weather operation involved professionals and volunteers from the CUESB, the Red Cross and the Social Support Service for Homelessness in Public Space (SASSEP). The preventive stage of the operation will remain in place until March, meaning the additional 75 places at the CAE will still be available.


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