More progress with the urban regeneration project for El Besòs i el Maresme

Conclusion of the technical inspections corresponding to the urban regeneration plan for El Besòs, which included 1,008 homes in the area between C/ Llull, Rambla Prim, C/ Bernat Metge and the municipality of Sant Adrià de Besòs, to define the work needed to improve urban liveability and the local surroundings. During this term of office, 204 flats in the ten blocks from the pilot project will be renovated and the urban projects defined for a further 693 homes.

12/01/2024 14:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The study and the results from the inspections show that the blocks have a variety of shortcomings. Criteria have therefore been established to prioritise building deficiencies according to their severity when it comes to defining an action strategy for the neighbourhood. Five categories have been set up to group the blocks together according to their problems:

  • Buildings with precautionary measures applied.
  • Buildings with serious or very serious structural deficiencies.
  • Buildings with serious or very serious deficiencies in some other aspects, such as façades, rooftops and installations.
  • Buildings with deficiencies at all levels (minor, important, severe and very severe).
  • Buildings with concrete fatigue.

There will be two stages of action, with work to be carried out on 1,251 homes, divided into two levels of priority. Of these homes, action is planned for 897 flats during the current term of office (2023-2027) through work, projects or urban planning.

Renovations are planned for 204 flats in the ten blocks from the pilot project. The total amount to be invested is 10 million euros. Final projects and relevant urban planning measures are also planned during this term of office to be able to renovate a further 693 homes in the next term of office.

These are the first two stages of an overall project for the neighbourhood of El Besòs i el Maresme, which continues in the following terms of office with the goal of regenerating all the homes with deficiencies, improving quality of life for local people and reducing vulnerabilities in life quality in the city.


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