Barcelona’s municipal organisational structure for the 2023-2027 term of office

The new Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, has now signed the decree with the new political organisation of the municipal administration, presented during the meeting of the Government Commission. The political and executive structure is being bolstered with eight commissioners and is organised into four large areas, headed by the four Deputy Mayors. The Neighbourhood Plan, the Area for Sport and International Relations and Promotion of the City will now be directly managed by the Mayor’s Office, giving priority and more importance to these matters.

29/06/2023 13:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The councillors and commissioners directly under the Mayor’s Office are:

  • Councillor for the Neighbourhood Plan: Lluís Rabell
  • Councillor for Sport: David Escudé
  • Commissioner for International Relations and Promotion of the City: Pau Solanilla

Led by the First Deputy Mayor, Laia Bonet, the Area for Urban Planning, Ecological Transition, Urban Services and Housing will head the following:

  • Commissioner for Housing: Joan Ramon Riera
  • Commissioner for Strategic projects and 2030 Agenda: Bàrbara Pons
  • Commissioner for Urban Innovation: Michael Donaldson

The Second Deputy Mayor, Maria Eugènia Gay, will head the Area for Social Rights, Culture, Education and Cycles of Life, and coordinate:

  • Councillor for Education and Elderly People: Lluís Rabell
  • Councillor for Health, People with Disabilities and Strategy against Loneliness: Marta Villanueva
  • Councillor for Feminism, Equality and Democratic Memory: Raquel Gil
  • Commissioner for Culture and Creative Industries: Xavier Marcé
  • Commissioner for Social Action: Sonia Fuertes
  • Commissioner for Policy on Childhood, Adolescence, Youth and LGBTI Affairs: Javier Rodríguez

Headed by the Third Deputy Mayor, Albert Batllé, the Area for Prevention, Safety, Coexistence and Internal Affairs will be responsible for:

  • Commissioner for the Ciutat Vella Agreement: Ivan Pera

Headed by the Fourth Deputy Mayor, Jordi Valls, the Area for Economy, Tax, Economic Promotion and Tourism will coordinate:

  • Councillor for Economic Promotion: Raquel Gil
  • Councillor for Commerce, Restaurants and Markets: Rosa Alarcón

These appointments complete the political and executive structure of the new city government, which started being defined after the first meeting of the Government Commission. That was the point when the Managers’ Offices were presented and the first decrees signed, naming the district councillors and the heads of the autonomous bodies and public business entities.

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