BSM car parks to become mobility services centres

The new parking model will gradually redefine the BSM network, with its 45 car parks around all the city’s districts and neighbourhoods, offering more than parking through spaces redesigned to include new user-centred services and urban mobility solutions. The end of the year will see work begin on the new BSM Ciutadella del Coneixement car park, the first to be conceived and built from scratch as a mobility hub.

15/11/2022 12:45 h

Ecologia Urbana

The transformation of the network of BSM car parks will bring a new range of services from an architectural perspective, with a much more open-plan design, free of columns and with multi-purpose spaces and higher ceilings allowing for all sorts of vehicles to access them.

Mobility solutions with added value

The new spaces will combine services with added value to cater for new social habits and needs: from electric recharging points to safe spaces to leave bicycles and lockers for collecting packages for online orders.

This new approach means car parks need to offer friendlier and, most of all, functional spaces for motorbike riders, car drivers and pedestrians alike.

The new car parks will also help reduce traffic and emissions generated by urban goods deliveries, thanks to click-and-collect spaces where citizens can pick up or return packages 24 hours a day. The facilities will also offer microdistribution points, in other words small storage spaces from where delivery companies can distribute goods in local neighbourhoods or areas using sustainable vehicles.

Ciutadella del Coneixement, the first car park to be built according to the new criteria

Located on the site delimited by the streets of Wellington, Villena, Ramon Trias Fargas and Av. Icària, the new car park will be operative from the second quarter of 2025. Besides parking spaces, the facility will have safe spaces for leaving bicycles and personal mobility vehicles, more recharging points on the Endolla Barcelona network and reserved spaces for companies offering car-sharing and moped-sharing.

Apart from the architectural changes, the car park will also offer a new image where illumination plays a central role. This new design will strengthen the sensation of space and comfort, the goal being to make city car parks friendlier and more functional.

BSM car parks also continue to back digitalisation and new technologies through processes such as payment via the SMOU app and the installation of 4G and 5G technology. At the same time, work is in progress to introduce other improvements across the networks, such as automatic access with number-plate reading technology, already available for car and motorbike users with season tickets. This service will start to become available for anybody using car parks for short periods.