Carnival 2022: activities in all districts!

Barcelona becomes a place for carnival colours and fantasy from 24 February to 2 March, with a decentralised programme offering something for everybody. Carnival offers a week full of fun, popular culture and traditions in all city districts.

10/02/2022 19:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Masks and revelry inspire the poster for 2022

The illustrator and graphic designer Adrià F. Marquès, known as El Marquès, is the author of the poster for Carnival 2022. The composition invites us to play while two masked harlequins exchange positions and turn our point of view upside down. Carnival is a synonym for transgression and revelry, breaking with monotony, a celebration to bring out the most comical and joyful side within us and enable us to freely and spontaneously express ourselves. The mask is an icon for this year’s Carnival and so many celebrations of a tradition rooted in Mediterranean culture, allowing us into this world of fantasy and fun.

Copies of the poster can be collected at the Sala Ciutat (Carrer de la Ciutat, 2) while stocks last. It can also be downloaded in high resolution from the municipal poster website.

Start of Carnival

As ever, Fat Thursday marks the start of Carnival with the arrival of the Carnival committee, headered by King Tòtil and Queen Belluga. This year sees the newsstand workers in La Rambla take centre stage for the Arribo, the opening event which also features the characters of Ramblona, Rodanxó and Rodanxona (the Carnival giants), the Rambla’s bighead figures and press distributors.

The committee will then make its way up La Rambla, stopping at various newsstands to present the ambassadors of the ancient towns of Barcelona and representatives for the seven deadly sins. The entourage ends up at the Palau de la Virreina, which over the festival days acts at the home for the king and queen of twits. After they turn up there, one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the evening begins: the Taronjada. This event dates back to 1333, when the governing Consell de Cent prohibited the throwing of oranges. These days the orange fight has been substituted with an orange confetti battle, which concludes with fireworks.

A carnival in every district

The Carnival programme extends to all ten districts for much of February and early March, with activities ranging from omelette contests to parades, concerts and workshops. Over the Carnival days, markets, community centres and centres for the elderly will be opening up for senior citizens and young children to enjoy the celebrations.

The festivities conclude on 2 March, Ash Wednesday, with the traditional burial of the sardine and activities in many districts including communal sardine meals, workshops to make bunyol fritters for lent or sardine decorations.

Details on the programme can be found on the municipal Popular Culture website as from 15 February.

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