Three new municipal sites leased for non-profit organisations to build public housing

A boost for the alliance between social housing foundations and cooperatives with the lease of three new municipal sites in the neighbourhoods of Barceloneta, Trinitat Nova and Font de la Guatlla, to build protected housing. The process comes within the context of the agreement signed with non-profit organisations to enlarge the public housing stock, a move which has already added 16 future blocks with 600 flats: 402 rentals and 198 cooperative homes.

15/11/2023 16:51 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Commission for Economy and Tax has given the go ahead for leaseholds of 99 years for the following sites:

  • The building at Passeig Joan de Borbó Comte de Barcelona, 44-45, in Barceloneta (Ciutat Vella). The site will be leased to the foundations Hàbitat3 and Salas, who will be tasked with renovating it. The building will have 18 homes with affordable rents.
  • The site at Carrer de Palamós, 55-63, in Trinitat Nova (Nou Barris). A block of 59 homes with affordable rents will be built here by the foundations Grup Qualitat and Factoria de Somnis.
  • The site at Carrer de Gessamí, 13, in La Font de la Guatlla (Sants-Montjuïc). A building of 8 cooperative homes will be built here by the cooperative La Xarxaire.

The rental flats will be awarded to people on the Barcelona Register of Applicants for Officially Protected Housing and, in the case of cooperative housing, to members of the cooperative.


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