City Police to be able to process reports by women who suffer male violence from their partner

A new protocol between the City Council and the Ministry of the Interior at the Government of Catalonia broadens coordination between the two police corps and improves support for women who suffer gender violence from their partner. For the first time, the City Police (GUB) will be able to directly process reports relating to cases of this type, which were previously only handled by the Catalan police corps, the Mossos d’Esquadra.

17/11/2022 14:22 h

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Changes in support for victims of male violence towards women

The new protocol means an advance in collaboration between the GUB and the Mossos, allowing a swifter and more efficient response in cases of gender violence from partners, avoiding duplication and unifying the action of both police corps.

  • Denouncements: any woman who suffers a case of gender violence from their partner can go to the GUB to request support and denounce the incident. City Police teams will be able to activate resources to provide support for victims with the goal of providing comprehensive help for women, particularly in cases of risk.
  • Common procedure: the initial support protocol will be unified for possible victims who report to an office or a police station.

Types of denouncement

The GUB will be able to manage all formal denouncements of the following types of offences linked to violence from male partners and defined by various articles in the criminal code.

  • Repeated physical or psychological violence (article 173.2).
  • Injuries (articles 148.4 al 153.1)
  • Threats (articles 169 al 171).
  • Coercion (article 172)
  • Harassment (article 172 ter)
  • Injuries and minor humiliation (article 173.4)
  • Discovery and disclosure of secrets (article 197.7)
  • Breach of sentence (article 468)

As for the rest of the types of criminal offences relating to male violence towards partners, cases must be taken to the Mossos. This is also the case for third parties making denouncements based on the above scenarios.

City Police commitment to combat male violence towards women

Recent years have seen various measures introduced to improve protection and support for women who experience sexist violence, such as the Guide to warning signs, to detect and act in a possible case, or the creation of a reference figure for gender violence in each district, who coordinates with and exchanges information with the Victim Support Group operated by the Mossos.

In addition, the GUB’s Victim Support Service (SAV) will come into operation in April 2023, located at Rambla, 23, Ciutat Vella. The goal of this new service is to increase the resources and readiness of the GUB to improve prevention, detection and support for women who suffer male violence, as well as to optimise existing resources.

The new SAV is intended as a point offering comprehensive support to women who suffer male violence, and to their children, when they go to police premises to report a case. The priority will be to attend to victims in coordination with care services and police services.


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