Ciutat Vella boosts its capacity for collecting paper, cardboard and other recyclables by 30%

Selective recycling containers for paper and cardboard will be changed at 40 points around the district by the end of April.

24/04/2024 10:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The district of Ciutat Vella has increased its selective waste capacity for recyclables and paper and cardboard by 30%, thanks to a change of containers that started this week and will be carried out by the end of April. Specifically, the district is adding 40,000 litres in additional capacity for paper and cardboard, and 37,100 litres for other recyclable materials. The number of containers is also being increased, with 32 more for paper and cardboard on top of the existing 248, plus a further 27 for other recyclables, on top of the existing 164.

The new side-loading containers are collected with a smaller vehicle than those currently used. This makes it easier for lorries to get about and manoeuvre in narrow streets, making the collection process more agile.

The change to containers and the improvement to selective waste collection is one of the goals of the Pla Endreça. The District of Ciutat Vella has already taken other steps, such as the change to pneumatic waste collection facilities and the renewal of litter bins all around the district.

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