Transformation of mobility around Estació de Sants now under way

Motor vehicles will be concentrated on the side nearest the sea, with the side nearest the mountain reserved for pedestrians and bicycles. The work will enable ADIF to start the first stage of work to make the station more sustainable and better integrated into the neighbourhood.

13/09/2023 16:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The changes to mobility include the creation of a two-way slip road with bus lanes from C/ Vallespir to C/ Tarragona. A section of the pedestrian lane here will need to be eliminated to achieve this.

A pedestrian area will also be created in Pg. Sant Antoni, connecting with Pl. Joan Peiró, which will also be enlarged.

The project also means changes to the layout of the point where the streets of Numància – Tarragona – Av. Roma – Provença converge, adapting it to the changes in the whole area.

The work also includes doubling the current bus-stops for the 115, H10 and V5 routes, with one stop on the slip road nearest the sea for the 115 and H10 services, and another at the start of C/ Comtes de Bell-lloc for V5 services.

The future Estació de Sants

Freeing up traffic on the side of the station nearest the mountain will enable ADIF to start the first stage of remodelling to the station in 2024, enlarging the foyer and opening up new entrances in the façades on both sides of the building.

In the area around the station, pedestrians will gain 85% more space, including a renewed Pl. Països Catalans surrounded by greenery.

The design was conceived through a participatory process with local residents’ organisations, retail associations and the mobility sphere.


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