Comprehensive new support service for victims of gender violence in Nou Barris

Another step in the right direction for the City Police in the fight against gender violence. The corps launched the new Victim Support Service (SAV) in Nou Barris on Thursday, which will handle reports of women who suffer gender violence from their partners. Reports of this type were previously only handled by the Mossos d’Esquadra corps.

09/03/2023 12:53 h

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With the new service becoming operational, the City Police are fulfilling last November’s protocol signed with the Mossos d’Esquadra corps establishing the mechanisms for collaboration between the two police forces to provide a swifter and more efficient response in cases of gender violence within couples.

Types of incidents handled

The City Police will be able to handle all reports of incidents of gender violence within couples corresponding to the following types of crime and defined in various articles in the Criminal Code:

  • Repeated physical or mental violence (article 173.2)
  • Injury (articles 148.4 to 153.1)
  • Threats (articles 169 to 171)
  • Coercion (article 172)
  • Harassment (article 172, third)
  • Injury and minor humiliation (article 173.4)
  • Discovery and revelation of secrets (article 197.7)
  • Breach of sentence (article 468)

For all other criminal behaviour linked to gender violence within couples, people will need to approach the Mossos.

Office adapted to victims’ needs

The facilities for the Victim Support Service include spaces for children and user-friendly areas designed to reduce stress and emotional anxiety among victims while they make statements. The priority will be to attend to women and children in coordination with support services.

Besides the office in Nou Barris, the City Police will have another unit of this type at the current police station at La Rambla, 43, in Ciutat Vella. Currently under construction, this unit will have 100 square metres of spaces where people can report incidents and make statements.

Officers working at the SAV have had a total of 136 hours of specialised cross-cutting training on gender violence.

Guide to warning signs

The City Police have been using a guide to warning signs since 2021, as part of the support project entitled “T’acompanyem”. The guide is a pioneering tool for police corps, helping officers to detect and act in possible cases of gender violence, particularly where the victim does not want to report them.

Municipal services and resources for support and the prevention of gender violence

Barcelona City Council offers all members of the public a wide range of free confidential services on prevention, support and the eradication of gender violence. These resources can all be found at:


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