First mass vaccination centre opens at Fira Barcelona

In a move to speed up vaccinations against Covid-19 and decongest primary healthcare centres, Hall 4 at Fira Barcelona is set to be used as a mass vaccination centre as from 30 April. The centre is the first of its type in Catalonia, with a capacity to administer up to 120,000 vaccines a week. The centre comes in addition to the fifty municipal spaces set up by Barcelona City Council as vaccinations points for Covid-19. The facility was tested today, 26 April, with a thousand people between the ages of 60 and 69 receiving a jab.

26/04/2021 17:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The weekend of 30 April to 2 May should see some 6,000 people receive the Pfizer jab at Hall 4 of Fira Barcelona. In the coming weeks, the number of doses could increase to 120,000 vaccinations a week.

Barcelona City Council has made four large spaces available to the Government of Catalonia which could be used as new mass vaccination points, as and when more vaccines arrive. These are: the Poliesportiu Francisco Calvo, the Parc Tecnològic de Nou Barris, the Centre Cívic La Sedeta and the Fòrum-Besòs. The first three are already being used as Covid-19 vaccination points.

These spaces come in addition to the fifty municipal facilities for which use was granted to the Ministry of Health to speed up the rhythm of vaccinations (36 municipal facilities and 15 modules on different sites with municipal licences). Sixty-two auxiliary workers and civic officers from the City Council are involved in managing these spaces.