Gale and rough seas alert deactivated

Given the improvement in weather conditions and the drop in the number of call-outs for the Barcelona Fire Service linked to the strong winds in the city, the alert stage of the basic municipal emergency plans for gales, activated at 1 pm on Tuesday 17 January, was deactivated today at 7 pm. The alert stage for rough seas has also been deactivated.

18/01/2023 20:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

From 1 pm on Tuesday, 17 January, to 7 pm on Wednesday, 18 January, the Barcelona Fire Service were called out on 128 occasions to deal with incidents relating to gales, mainly fallen branches, trees, awnings and antennas. The Emergency Management Centre handled, classified and screened alerts without the usual emergency services offered by the Barcelona Fire Service being affected.

In strong winds, people are advised to avoid high places exposed to wind, remove plant pots and other objects which could fall from windowsills and balconies, keep clear of cornices, walls and trees which may fall and also avoid the coast, as gale force winds often cause tidal surges and high waves.

All safety recommendations can be found on the website for the Barcelona Fire Service.

Calm seas

The alert stage for rough seas was also deactivated on Wednesday, 18 January, given the improvement in weather conditions.

During the storm there was a risk of waves over 2.5 metres high and access to the breakwaters was closed.


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