Gender equity to promote equality in sport

The Barcelona Institute of Sports (IBE) has set up a gender equity office to promote sports participation which is free of any inequalities, in both the practice of sport and in technical and decision-making bodies, as well as incorporating the gender perspective right across the board in the city’s sports activities.

17/12/2021 13:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Action Plan by the Gender Equity Office includes six areas of action that must guide sports policies with the gender perspective. Within these, 25 specific measures will be developed between now and 2023.

The six areas of action are:

  • Gender Equity Working Group, a participation space with representation from organisations working in this sphere, relevant experts and members of the Municipal Sports Council.
  • Gender vision in the design and management of sports facilities. 
  • Sports in public space, to guarantee the use of public space for sports activities for all, ensuring safety.
  • Elimination of the glass ceiling in the sports system to drive women’s presence and their role in technical and managerial positions, with guarantees on equality.
  • Promotion of the gender perspective in events, guaranteeing the gender perspective in sports promotion and events in the city.
  • Gender awareness at the IBE to ensure the introduction of the gender perspective in work plans, programmes and services.

Measures already applied, currently being executed or planned in the short and medium term include the creation of an education unit to address gender matters in curricular sports in schools; the creation of a guide to help organisations include the gender perspective in sport, and the creation of a prevention, detection and action protocol against sexual violence in sports facilities and sports organisations.


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