Helmets to become obligatory for riders of electric scooters

The amendment to the municipal regulation is in line with the new state law and includes the obligation of wearing a helmet when riding electric scooters. It also establishes the unipersonal use of vehicles and the obligation to get off them when there are crowds of pedestrians. In addition, neither personal mobility vehicles nor bicycles will be able to circulate on pavements, except where specific spaces exist for this, with the exception of the under-12s and those accompanying them.

20/01/2023 14:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Electric scooters can travel at a maximum speed of:

  • 10 km/h when circulating in bike lanes on pavements without physical separations from pedestrian spaces and public parks, except for green areas.
  • 25 km/h when circulating in streets with 30 km/h limits with physical separations from pedestrian spaces and road tunnels with cycling infrastructures.
  • Electric scooters cannot circulate in any other spaces.

Parking for PMVs is restricted to the spaces provided and vehicles must be attached to the anchoring points.

The amendment to the municipal by-law on the circulation of pedestrian and vehicles was initiated in the Government Commission and will now make its way through the commission process.


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