Initial agreement to make helmets obligatory for riders of electric scooters

The Commission for Ecology, Urban Planning, Infrastructures and Mobility has given initial approval to the amendment to the municipal by-law on pedestrians and vehicles, which will make the use of helmets obligatory for riders of personal mobility vehicles. The regulation establishes that electric scooters must be ridden by one person only and that neither these vehicles nor bicycles will be able to circulate on pavements. It also states that bicycles and PMVs must be parked and attached to zones for this purpose.

14/02/2023 18:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The amendment to the by-law on pedestrians and vehicles will see municipal regulations match state regulations to improve road safety and coexistence with pedestrians. The most significant change is the inclusion of a specific regulation for personal mobility vehicles (PMV) such as electric scooters.

What is being added to the by-law on pedestrians and vehicles?

Personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters:

  • Obligatory use of an authorised protective helmet.
  • Vehicles are for one person only.
  • Vehicles must have front and back lights, brake lights and a hooter.
  • Riders cannot circulate while over the established alcohol limit or while under the influence of drugs.

Bicycles and personal mobility vehicles:

  • Riders are not allowed to circulate on pavements except in spaces for this purpose or if under 12 and accompanied by an adult.
  • In the case of build-ups of pedestrians, PMV users and cyclists must get off their vehicles.
  • These vehicles can only be parked by being attached to spaces set aside for this purpose.
  • Specific conditions apply for using these vehicles for urban goods distribution.

In parallel to the amendment to the by-law, a participatory process has also been opened on the municipal platform Decidim so that local people can give their input.

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