International recognition for Barcelona’s competitiveness

Barcelona ranks as the seventh most competitive city in Europe and eighteenth in the world in the Global Power City Index 2021, compiled by Japan’s Mori Memorial Foundation with the participation of universities and think-tanks from around the world.

26/11/2021 14:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The ranking is based on 70 indicators in six categories, ranging from air quality to mobility, the presence of start-ups, hotels and museums. The index is a point of reference for large companies, corporations and investment funds.

Barcelona returns to the top 20 in a list of 48, which includes the main urban hubs from around the world. Appearing in 18th place, this is the best position achieved by the city since 2016 and puts it just ahead of Vienna (19th ), Toronto (20th) and Zurich (21st), but behind Copenhagen (15th), Los Angeles (16th) and Beijing (17th). The first five positions on the list are for London, New York, Tokyo, Paris and Singapore, respectively.

Notable aspects include the city’s third spot in the liveability category, placing value on flexibility in the workplace, the drop in unemployment, and the 14th spot for cultural interaction.

The report highlights the impact of Covid in recent years, particularly in indicators linked to tourism and cultural activity. On the positive side, also worth noting in the area of competitiveness is the presentation of the Barcelona Green Deal in 2019.

See the report here.