The old Myrurgia Facgtory is to become a new social services centre

Preliminary work has started for the construction of a new social services centre in the block interior of the historical Myrurgia factory, situated in the Eixample district. This will involve the demolition of the warehouse in the block’s interior bounded by C/ Nàpols, C/ Provença, C/ Mallorca and C/ Sicília. For the purposes of ensuring this work can be performed, access to the interior of Jardins de Beatriu de Provença will be closed during the month of August and there may also be occasional disruptions to the bike lane along C/ Nàpols.

01/08/2023 12:19 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new local municipal facility in Sagrada Família’s construction work has been designed to minimise any possible disruptions to the park, regarding not just its urban furniture but also its trees. The existing material in the old Myrurgia factory, a listed building, will be removed with care.

Construction work on the new social services centre, two storeys and over 800 square metres of space will start towards the end of the year and is expected to last for sixteen months. The new building will maintain its current visibility between its adjacent buildings while harmoniously integrating with the nursery school, the playground and the Jardins de Beatriu de Provença, which are also located in this block interior.

The total budget is 4.5 million euros, which includes the construction work on the new building (3.6 million euros), the demolition of the existing building and the adaptation of the access spaces to the nursery school.

The Myrurgia block’s building will house the Sagrada Família SSC, which is currently provisionally located in Carrer de Nàpols nº 227, and has a team of eighteen professionals, providing open assistance for close to six thousand people.

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