Visitors to leisure events at the Olympic Ring triple

The last twelve months have seen the Palau Sant Jordi, the Sant Jordi Club and the Olympic Stadium host 167 events, an increase of 23% compared to 2022, attracting 2.1 million visitors and tripling the figure for the previous year. Without counting FC Barcelona matches at the Olympic Stadium, the growth in visitors is significant, with the figure of 1.5 million doubling the number from 2022.

23/01/2024 15:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Concerts account for 65% of the programme, even though work has continued to maintain a broad programme of family activities and social, sports and corporate events.

The Palau Sant Jordi and the Sant Jordi Club are the venues with the busiest programmes, hosting 135 events and drawing over a million visitors. As for the Olympic Stadium, there were 1,091,300 visitors between the 9 concerts and 15 football matches here, with an accumulated attendance of 600,000 people.

The Olympic Ring maintains its position on international circuits thanks to its varied programme, quality and accumulated expertise in organising events.

Varied music programme

The site broke its own records for attendance and concerts with all types of music in 2023. The complex hosted a total of 110 top class shows, with over 1.3 million spectators attending concerts by international artists such as Madonna, Elton John, The Who and Iron Maiden. Yet the real landmark were the nine gigs at the Olympic Stadium, including two from Bruce Springsteen and four from Coldplay.

The complex also hosted tours from the main groups and singers from different periods in Spanish music, Catalan music artists and an increasing number of urban music performers.

The average age of visitors at the Olympic Ring was 37.5, with the most common age groups between 25 and 34 and between 45 and 54, each accounting for 26% of the total. Some 71% of visitors were from Catalonia and 34% live in Barcelona or the metropolitan area. Some 21% of visitors were from other places in the Spanish state, while 7% come from other countries.

Multi-disciplinary space

The Olympic Ring hosted family shows such as Disney on Ice, as well as several successful sports events, such as the Trial Indoor, the World Padel Tour and the Kingdom Cup, which between them drew 67,000 spectators to the Palau Sant Jordi. The complex also hosted STEAM Anella training meetings, offering a morning of science activities organised by BSM and the UPC, with over 2,200 young people from 28 secondary schools taking part, plus the 30th anniversary of Dansa Ara, involving 16,000 primary school pupils, families and teaching staff.

In addition, around 500 people in vulnerable situations enjoyed the activities at the site thanks to the collaboration of Apropa Cultura.

As of today, the Olympic Ring has 115 events confirmed for 2024, which will generate nearly 1.7 million spectators, including the activity of FC Barcelona. This volume is set to grow as new dates on the activity calendar are confirmed.


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