SMOU users can now check locations and services for half the car parks in Barcelona

SMOU continues to grow and offer more features. The app now allows users to check information on the services offered at 300 car parks, half of all those in the city and twice as many as a year ago. In all, the app offers information on 80,000 off-street parking spaces, some 78% more than last year.

07/11/2023 17:12 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

SMOU now offers car park operators in Barcelona and the metropolitan area the chance of adding the app as a per-minute payment method, as is the case with BSM car parks. This makes it easier for users of the app to easily access, choose and pay for parking.

The app also offers real-time information on the availability of places in a hundred city car parks. Thanks to its parking space availability function, private vehicle users can check for available spaces near their destination. This helps towards planned and simplified routes, cutting the time needed to find parking and cutting traffic, occupancy of public space and pollution.

Users can access details on each car park, with information on entrances, opening hours, types of vehicles admitted, places available, pricing, lists of services offered and information relating to the maximum vehicle dimensions for access to car parks.

As for the availability of spaces, real-time information is displayed intuitively from the location of the car park on the app’s map. The information is given as a traffic-light indicator, instantly and easily providing the information the user needs to decide where to park.

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