Library in Fort Pienc named after Ana María Moix

The Biblioteca Fort Pienc - Ana María Moix paid homage to the writer with a poetry recital and a dialogue between the editor Andreu Jaume and the journalist and literary critic Anna Maria Iglesia.

11/04/2024 19:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A participatory process with three big names from the world of words, teaching and culture, with strong ties to the city, concluded in February with people opting to name the Biblioteca Fort Pienc after the Barcelona poet and novelist Ana María Moix.

During the act of homage, organised by Biblioteques de Barcelona and the District of L‘Eixample, Andreu Jaume and Anna Maria Iglesia spoke about the importance of the author on the literary panorama, while Rosa Sender explained Moix’s family side and Laia López read out various poems.

Libraries with women’s names

The poet and novelist Ana María Moix, the writer and journalist Rosa M. Arquimbau, the writer Carmen Laforet, the writer and librarian Aurora Díaz Plaja, the social activist M. Àngels Rivas and the journalist Mària Sánchez are the latest women to have city libraries named after them. Barcelona now has thirteen libraries named after women.

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