Green light for the new CAP La Sagrera

The Full Council has approved the lease of a municipal plot of land for the Catalan Health Service to build the new primary healthcare centre for the neighbourhood of La Sagrera. Work is expected to start in 2025, with an overall investment of 9.1 million euros.

22/12/2023 12:51 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new facility will be built in Passatge de Bofarull, between Gran de la Sagrera and Carrer Josep Estivill, where the court for the Club Pati Independent is. The centre will practically double its current floor space to 3,400 square metres, and besides the current primary healthcare services it will offer additional ones such as physiotherapy, psychology, dental hygiene and nutrition.

The approval is in line with the municipal commitment to speed up the construction of new healthcare facilities in the city, in response to demands from local people. The CAP La Sagrera project is part of the agreement from the Joint Commission between the City Council and the Government of Catalonia, held on 20 October, and includes the enlargement or construction of eleven primary healthcare centres at different points around the city. The commitment is also to continue working to unblock the execution of a further five centres.

Provisional facilities

While work is carried out on the new facility, some provisional modules are being prepared to enlarge the primary healthcare service. The modules are being built in C/ Baixada de la Sagrera, some 300 metres from the current CAP.

The modules offer 500 square metres of floor space and when they are ready, in the spring of 2024, they will be used for family medical appointments, paediatric services, community action and sexual and reproductive health.


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