More parking places for bicycles and motorcycles in Carrer de Pelai

Work has started in Carrer Pelai, to change the current arrangement of its sea-facing street paving, so that new bicycle and motorcycle parking places can be added, as well as new loading and unloading spaces. The work will last a week, leaving the street’s traffic lanes and pedestrian pavements unchanged and unaffected.

07/08/2023 13:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The work will lead to the creation of a new services lane, to join the existing one, resulting in:

  • 64 new parking places for motorcycles
  • 72 new parking places for bicycles
  • 20 Urban Goods Distribution (DUM) places for loading and unloading

Cleaning containers will also be included the same packet of services, guaranteeing vehicle access to neighbourhoods and parking places at all times.

As for specific areas, the section running between Plaça Universitat and Carrer Balmes will see a concentration of loading and unloading places put in place and keep its current spaces for containers. A double range of services will be established between C/ Balmes and Plaça de Catalunya where loading and unloading places will remain in the street-paving space closest to traffic while new bicycle and motorcycle parking places will be created in the space next to the pavement. A specific place will be established for bicycle and motorcycle users to access these parking places.


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