More housing with services in Gràcia

The project to transform the low-rise houses in C/ Encarnació, in the Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood, will enable between 15 and 17 public homes to be built. The municipal nursery school initially planned for this site will end up on another site in the same street, at number 61, where it will have more space and more groups.

15/10/2020 13:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The project means the physical appearance of the houses and their heritage value remain unchanged, but the ground floor will be extended to house three flats. The two-hundred-year-old listed holm oak and the green space will be conserved, the idea being that residents can access it and manage it.

The ground floor premises should house a local facility with a social and community role, with a participatory process to be held with local people to define this.

A modification to the metropolitan general plan was approved by the Full Council in its June session, enabling the project to go ahead.

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