New Citizen Help and Information Office in L’Eixample

A new Citizen Help and Information Office is now open at C/ Sicília, 216, near Pl. Monumental, to provide online administration and procedures and face-to-face support.

27/10/2022 16:13 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new office is linked to the Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC) in Sant Miquel and will mean the latter operates across two sites, with more space for face-to-face support and improved service, as well as spaces for assisted procedures for citizens to complete themselves.

The office will have 30 desks providing support for citizens, 27 of them adapted for e-administration procedures. The assisted positions will allow users to complete procedures on their own, with staff to provide help if needed. Users will also be able to get documents digitised and identify themselves and sign documents electronically with systems such as the idCAT Mòbil or Cl@ve Pin systems. Similarly, 19 face-to-face support positions will enable users to scan documents and sign them electronically with a tablet.

Besides support in Catalan and Spanish, the OAC Monumental will have four members of staff able to attend to people in English. It will also offer support in sign language, French, Arabic and Urdu.

The office opens from Monday to Saturday, from 8.30 am to 8 pm, and is accessible for people with physical disabilities.



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