New employment plan to offer job opportunities for young people

The new plan to foster youth employment includes measures to improve young people’s professional qualifications and labour insertion, particularly those who have recently lost their jobs or have seen their opportunities undermined by the Covid-19 pandemic. The budget for the plan is 12 million euros, some 25% more than the sum devoted to youth employment policies in 2020.

09/03/2021 11:01 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we have seen more of an impact with temporary lay-offs (ERTO), unemployment and job insecurity among young people. Figures from the last quarter of 2020 show youth unemployment (people aged between 16 and 24) stands at 26.9%, more than double the average for the city, which stands at 12.6%. Unemployment among young people in the city has grown by 53.8% over the last year, reaching 14,890, with the under-25s the worst affected (54.2%).

The new youth employment plan means guidance and support services can increase their capacity and help some 15,000 young people, a figure which is practically the same as the number of registered unemployed young people in the city. The plan also seeks to pave the way for new generations wishing to start new business projects and makes tools and resources available for them to launch their enterprises.

Main measures to halt unemployment and precariousness

The new youth unemployment plan includes a package of measures to improve qualifications and labour insertion among young people, with new measures adapted to the pandemic and its economic consequences, along with the strengthening of existing programmes.

The plan backs strategic sectors for the future such as technology and the digital industries, which can generate quality jobs in the city. The main measures consist of boosting support, advice and guidance; promoting training, digital skills and languages, along with work contracts and entrepreneurship; more support for vulnerable and precarious collectives and the recovery of jobs with decent labour conditions.

The plan has been developed with input from different city stakeholders, taking into account the points on quality in education, decent employment and economic growth from the 2030 Agenda.


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